Valeria Fernandez was born in Miami. She’s always had a curiosity of art and is a multidisciplinary artist residing in Miami. She attended Michael Krop Senior High where she was part of the magnet program for visual arts. The summer she graduated she attended Locust Art Builders which was a group show of students from different schools that came together to have an art show. Then after that she attended New World school of the Arts where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and minor in Art History. While going to school she became an intern for FAN (Funding Arts Network) and worked in retail part time.


            Valeria’s portfolio explores different mediums such as Video Art, Design, Sculpture, and Drawings. Her work for the most part is process based exploring different textures and colors, which is translated in different mediums. She combines technology and art using found footage along with editing techniques to create short videos about different topics.

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